Petly Pet Portal

What Exactly Is The Petly Pet Portal?

The Petly Pet Portal is a free, secure, online service that gives any pet owner access to their pet’s health and medical records. Simply provide Palisades Veterinary Clinic with a valid email address and then create a Petly Pet Portal account, for free, using the same email address.

What Can I Do With The Petly Pet Portal?

We are so happy that you asked! Here are several things that you can do and access from the Petly Pet Portal

  • Access your pet’s health exam summaries & discharge instructions
  • Access your pet’s laboratory results & X-rays
  • Access information from your pet’s doctor
  • Review upcoming vaccine and other preventive health recommendations
  • Request and confirm appointments
  • Request prescription refills
  • Receive important medical alerts and hospital news
  • Access reliable information on a wide range of pet health topics
  • Post photos of your pet
  • Update your personal contact information