Hospital Surveys

 1/16/19: The doctor and techs are excellent. They understand he is timid and stress pees and work with him best possible. The doctor also called and gave me great information and was patient with my myriad of questions. -Erica R.

 8/18/18: I feel that Lou is well cared for. Each Vet and staff do an excellent job in record-keeping. There is a degree of efficiency and focus that conveys professionalism and caring. Consistent courtesy, respect, and generally friendly staff all-round. -Kevin O.

 8/4/18: I have a pitbull and was nervous the staff would be less friendly to her than to other dog breeds- I was so impressed with how friendly everyone was towards her and how much love and attention she received! Overall, amazing! -Anonymous

 7/30/18: My boys saw Dr. Elliott on Saturday and she is just amazing. She always does anything possible to keep my animals calm–especially Phin who is terrified when I trek him to the vet. – Anonymous

 7/27/18: Addressed all my concerns knowledgeably and promptly. While veterinary care is always expensive, this provider seems comparable and even offers best value products to save the client money. My dogs genuinely enjoyed their visit. -Katheryn O.

 7/25/18: The staff is friendly & professional. Dr Fischer Should be called Dr Friendly ! – Anonymous

 7/18/18: Friendly and knowledgeable and so sweet with my pets! Love that you practice “ fear free” visits. – Andrea M.

 7/2/18: Very friendly service, knowledgeable staff and I got an appointment very quickly. The veterinarian took her time to get to know my dog and asked a lot of questions. -Louise T.